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Hannah Joy
"Friendly easy instructor to get on with years of experience. Always there to help you, very reliable and always on time. Very flexable too."

Ian White
"Becky took me after instructor stopped teaching me. I learnt in a much faster and much better way then before and passed first time. She is a great teacher, really patient and a good laugh too. Top that off with good flexibility when it comes to booking lessons and you have got everything you will need to get yourself on the road in no time."

Claire Wilson
"Becky was the best instructor I have had. Thanks to her help I passed first time with only 3 minors!!!! I always had the full hour and had great understandable instruction. Bex's is the best!!!"

Harry Wilson
"Bex's has been great, me and my sister both pased first time. We had such a laugh in our lessons but all the time I was learning. We drove so many places and differnt roads and I always had the full hour. I cannot recommend Bex's Driving School enough she is worth every penny"

Nicola Stone
"I passed first time with Bexs Driving School. Was really nervous at first as i'd not been in a car for 15 years and lost all confidence. Bex lessons got my confidence back and taught me how to drive. Bexs helped with my theroy test and I was passed fir st time. Bex was really easy to get on with and makes you feel at ease. I would reccomend Bex's Driving School to anyone looking for lessos. Thanks Bex"

Amy Foster
" Such a good driving instructor. Had just over 2 months of lessons and passed first time!!"

Stacey Jordan
"I passed 1st time with Becky in 2008 :) been driving 3 years now and i'd like to think Becky taught me well she was really easy going made me feel at ease when starting out, she also was flexible which was great and could work around my college timetable and sometimes would pick me up from there so no buses home!! :) Overall a good experience thanks Becky !! 10/10 x"

Marney McMahon
" I passed today 31/1/12 with just 4 minors with just 2 months of lessons. Amazing teacher, will recommend to anyone! So willing to pick you up to suit where you want to go. The thing that I like about Bex is that she allowed you to make your own mistakes (without scaring you and crashing) so I have learnt from them!!!!!. Thanks Bexs!!!!

Rachel Andoniou
" Highly rate Becky as a driving instructor. I learnt with Bex as I was not picking up with my first driving instructor. Becky explained things properly and was ready for my test within weeks of moving to her. Bex gave me excellent tuition that has gone a long way to ensure I have stayed safe since passed 2 years ago"

Nicci Chapman
"Thankyou for helping me to finally get on the road. Im loving my new found freedom from cold wet bus stops"

 Molly Cooper Hitchings
"Would definitely recommend Bex to anyone, I passed first time with her and she's very friendly and an excellent teacher!! Thankyou"

 Hum Tum
"I am so relieved finally passed my test all because the confidence and tips from Bex. After trying two famous school, Bex did which they couldn't do and in two weeks. She is a wonderful instructor and 100% recommended" 

Suzy Rhyddidd
"Bex's Driving School is GREAT!! I passed first time with not many lessons!! Bexs is amazing as she is a amazing instructor who made me get great confidence in my driving and had great fun learning too!!! Thankyou Bex"

Kai Hudson
" Woo!! I passed and couldn't have done it without you. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to start lessons. Thankyou so much Becky!! x

Laura Baker
"Passed my driving test last week. Becky is a great instructor and would def recommend"

Kate Hobson
" I had an amazing experiance with Bex Driving School and passed 1st time!

Abbie Whelan
"Passed my driving test today. Thanks to Becky for being a amazing instructor, loved my lessons. Definitely recommend Bex's Driving School"

Georgie Arnold
" Passed with only 2 minors and 1st time to. Loved driving with Becky. Definitely recommend her" 

Jordan Kitchen 
"Passed first time with Becky, easy to get along with and very patient which makes learning much easier, would definitely recommend. Thankyou"

Hannah Louise bray
"I passed my driving test today and I'm so glad I chose Becky for my lessons. She makes things so simple and easy to understand and is always so patient with you. I would recommend her to anyone learning to drive. I passed my driving test today and I'm so glad I chose Becky for my lessons. She makes things so simple and easy to understand and is always so patient with you. I would recommend her to anyone learning to drive."

Bertie Harris
"Passed my test first time with only 3 minors Wednesday. Highly recommend bex to any new driver" :)

Eligah Owen
"Excellent driving instructor, passed first time" :-)

Catherine Bennett
"Learned so much, glad I went to Becky for my lessons really enjoyed the hour lessons I had aswell :) thanks Becky" x

Amanda Jenkins
"Thanks bexs for being so patient with me. You put me at ease straight away with your clear instructions and direction. Which quickly gave me confidence to go on and pass my test with flying colours!!!I will always recommend you to anyone who needs lessons.Thanks again"

Matthew Daly
"Bex's Driving School is highly recommended. Bex is a brilliant driving instructor, calm, constructive and has plenty of patience. Anyone looking for a driving instructor Bex is definitely the way forward. I passed 1st time! Thanks for everything Bex."
Izzy Briggs
"Passed my test first time today with Bex's Driving School! Bex is patient and lessons were made simple and understandable. I am so glad that I chose to learn with Bex' after my friends recommended her driving school. I highly recommend people to choose Bex's driving school for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thankyou for all your help."